Assay : 98% Min(HPLC)

CAS No.: 7772-94-3

Description: N-Acetyl-D-mannosamine is a ubiquitous but rare monosaccharide involved in a range of metabolic processes.It is a constituent of neuraminic acids, glycolipids and glycoproteins.

Application : N-Acetyl-D-mannosamine is used for the synthesis of sialic acid(N-acetylneuraminic). It is also a synthetic intermediate for a number of carbohydrate-derived families of biologically active compounds and pharmaceutical candidates.

Packaging : N-Acetylmannosamine is sealed in two polyethylene liners and packed in 20 kg fibre drums. Customer specific packaging can be provided.

N-acetylmannosamine is usually called ManNAc in Glycolyscience line.

People can synthesize N-acetylneuraiminic acid through N-acetylmannosamine. Also ManNAc can be used to prepare for the further sugar derivation,which can be used in human medicine and nutrition products. The most important product is N-Acetylmannosamine-6-phosphate(ManNAc-6-p).


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