CAS No.: 104987-30-6   Request for quotation


Dihydro-Tacrolimus Specification

Appearance Amorphous white powder   Standard Packing 500mg/bag or per customer request
Assay (HPLC) > 95%   Inventory Normally we have Dihydro Tacrolimus in stock
Melting point 141 - 145 °C    
Total impurity < 5%   Dihydro Tacrolimus physical parameters
Water < 3%   CAS No: 104987-30-6
Heavy metals < 0.02%   Formula C44H71NO12
      Molecular Weight 806.03
      Synonym Tacrolimus 8-Propyl Analog; Dihydro FK-506; Tsukubamycin B
      Structure Dihydro Tacrolimus
Certificate of Analysis Dihydro Tacrolimus COA      
Literature Dihydro Tacrolimus literature      
MSDS Dihydro Tacrolimus MSDS      

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Dihydro Tacrolimus